At Optimus Pest Solutions, we feel that everyone should live in a pest-free environment.  Whether it's spiders in your house or ants in the dining room of your restaurant, we want the problems solved.  And solved FAST.
Optimus Pest Solutions proudly serves the Middle Tennessee area.  Our technicians have over 50 years combined experience keeping your homes and businesses pest free.  Optimus Pest Solutions delivers environmentally sound household pest control and commercial solutions that focus not only on eliminating pests, but tailoring pest control solutions for your unique needs and environment. Unlike other pest control companies, we're not in the volume sales business. We invest the time to understand the cause of pest issues and to create a relationship with you. This allows us to deliver the right solution to protect your investment in your home or business.
Please take a few minutes and browse our website.   You will find an overview of some of the services we offer.  We can customize any plan to fit your schedule and budget.

Let's face it.

You're probably here because you've got pests nearby. You want them to go away. You want the problem solved now, not next week. You want a professional who will deliver a pest control solution, not an exterminator who only delivers a temporary fix.


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